Coventry Blitz Commemoration, GB70CBC Amateur Radio

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Coventry Blitz Commemoration, GB70CBC

70 years on from what must have been the worst few days in the history of Coventry could not have been left un marked by the Coventry Amateur Radio Society.
Having been in negotiations with the Cathedral it was found that there was a shortage of room for GB70CBC. The powers that be may have envisaged massive antennas and us arriving in an outside broadcast truck.

The solution came in the form of the G8GMU office trolley or should that be off-his-trolley. A shopping bag transporting trolley liberated from great-grandmother of M3HBM. Josh M3HBM played a big part in the construction of the station. The trolley was modified by adding a shelf for the rig, an Icom IC-707 and ATU, the battery fitted snugly in the base. The wheel bearings modified to take the load. The antenna constructed from a 4 metre fishing pole wound with a loading coil for the 40 Metre band, also useable on 20 Metres via the ATU. The earth being provided by a very large screwdriver stuck in the ground & connected with a car jump lead.
The whole set up did attract some odd comments, but gave the chance to promote the hobby to many more people.
The trolley was also used for the transport & operation of the 2 Metre equipment. The VHF antenna a 5/8 vertical for this being mounted to an adjacent fence.

The antenna is marked in red for clarity
After an operating session on the afternoon of the 14th November with G4GEE, a return was made for the evening. Due to the crowd levels further operation was unwise. The atmosphere in the evening was strange and almost eerie. Not the time to be calling CQ at the top of ones voice to overcome the peeling of the Cathedral bells, and during the 2 minutes silence.
We look forwards to working at the Cathedral again in 2012 for the 50th anniversary of the Consecration of the 'New Cathedral'.

Images on this page by M3HBM

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